Black and white floor 11 13/16 x 17 23/32 inch

The dimensions of this floor are 300 mm x 450 mm.

We like to show you how different a floor can look depending on the applied border.


The floor consists of tiles in the size of 21,6 x 21,6 mm. As the pattern does not propperly fit to the given area, ther will be border tiles. The additional space is evenly distributed to the front and back. This is a good choise if you like freedom on the arrangement of furniture.


We recommend to use glossy back tiles and silk mat white tiles. That gives an quited, elegant and lively floor.

Except for the border the floor is similar to the one shown above.


2 colour variations are shown here. To the left there is a white border out of narrow tiles around the centre floor followed by a black border at the very outside.

To the right it is the other way round.

This arrangement give the floor a kind of frame. It centres the view and is a good choice if you place your furniture more in the centre of the room.