Kitchen floor - blue and white miniature tiles

Pattern Castle


consist of miniature tiles which are 7/8 inch from side to side. The edges are cut and give space or small inlay tiles.

Different looks can be achieved with this pattern.

Today we like to present you a fresh look by combining white tiles with sky blue ones.



This is the layout for an area of 11 27/32 inches (301 mm) by 7 13/32 inches (188 mm).


We suggest a silk mat surface for the large tiles and glossy tiles for the inlays and the border.


The tiles for this floor would be 295 US Dollar including shipping to the US.

For the summe you get:

a) The pattern in the size of your room, printed on paper

b) All tiles cut to size (no further cutting is needed!)

c) A recommendation on how to lay the tile


If you like to receive tiles for  another area, please drop us a line. We will willl send you an individual quotation.