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We make real ceramic miniature tiles, floors, walls for miniature enthusiasts in 1 inch scale (1:12).

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January - February: Vermeer´s Studio

Robert Off made this roombox showing the studio of the Dutsch painter Vermeer.

We contributed the floor tiles, which we made according to his wishes.


But let us Robert Off describe his work himself:

This box is my vision of what his Delft studio may have looked like in 1650. Not much is known about Vermeer and only 34 works attributed to him are known to exist today. It is also theorized by a number of scholars that he used a mechanical optical device known as a camera obscure, a device similar to a pin hole camera with a projector lens, to assist him in creating the correct  perspective of the scene. 

On the left you can see the complex floor layout. It is turned 25° to the right angle. Subsequently every border tiles was different from the other. Hence we had a lot of work making the border tiles,  keeping them in the right order and remember the right colour of each tile  thoughout the production processs. After the firing we glued the border tiles on the layoutpaper in order to have them save of the destinated place. Robert got all other tiles, glued them on the paper and did the finishing work.

We thank Robert so much for having had the chance to contribute our work to your historic roombox!