tile surface and color

Tiles are available with 3 kinds of surface: glossy opac, glossy transparent and silkmat.

Gray and black black tiles are available with a stone mat surface as well.

Glossy miniature tiles

The glaze is opak, meaning it covers the basic tile.

Glossy miniature tiles, transparent glaze

This is a traditional glaze. It is very brillant and gets small cracks in the surface in  the long run. Tiles vary in color within a lot, giving an assamblage a lively look.

Silk mat miniature tiles (litte bit shiny)

Stone mat miniature tiles


no. 68025 light grey


no. 68100 grey


no. 68200 dark grey


no. 68400 black

All shown colors have to be seen as indication. On the screen they look slightly different than in reality. If you like to be sure please contact us for a sample.