Miniature Tile Pattern to make your own layout

By using the basic pattern you can do you own layout.


Please drop us a line. We will send you the pattern you like to get by e-mail.


Print the pattern out and measure the width and length of the given lines. Only in the case they coincide with the dimensions printed on the paper accurate layouts can be made. Otherwise the computer or printer has to be adjusted accordingly. Tiny Ceramics can not be made responsible for faults made by using in inadequate print.


A small groove is included in the pattern.

Cut and paste the papers to fill the area you like to tile.

Count the tiles and order what you need.



There are so many possibilities to make a layout for a floor!

In order to inspire and encourage you to make your own layout here are some samples of what can be made. 

Green and white checkerboard with corner sections at top and left

The left layout leads the view to the centre area. The right version incorporates the front corner area. In both cases the centre area was framed with a row of half tiles. The centre would be in green and white checkerboard even if the area is not totally filled with the pattern in the scetch. 

Floor with diamond setting - color choise and distribution





The chosen color and color distribution influences the styl as well.