Bowles in new colours and surfaces

The green bowles are glazes with a glossy glaze which shows a fine net of cracks after firing. You get this nice ramdom pattern by coloring the cacks. The delicious pastry was made by our frieds Carmen Sitters and Thomas Schneider, Munich.


The blue green bowles show a special glaze as well, a silk matt one. It shows a tight net of crack lines, giving the the bowles a very special look.


We made the blue ones as our friend Imgard loves blue. I love this water blue on the bowles and will certainly make more in this color. Please have a look at the spiral design in the centre. 

New: ceramic bowles and vases

All bowles are handmade and unique. They are fired 3 times: first at 1260 °C, then with glaze at 1070 °C and last but not least with gold at 780°C. The diameter vary from 1/2 inch diameter to 1 1/4 inch. For details and prices please contact us