Miniatur tiles

 Welcome in the world of miniature tiles!


We make miniature tiles for 1 inch scale (1:12).

The basic tiles shown above are 5/12 inch x 5/12 inch in size. 

Our tiles are very thin  (less than 1/16 inch thin, about 1 mm) and very exact in shape.


All miniature tiles are made real ceramic and covered with real glazes in various colors.

100 tiles cover an area of 4 5/16 inch x 4 5/16 inch (11 cm x 11 cm). 


Besides square tiles, half tiles, quarter tiles and other sizes are available.

Other sizes can be made on request. Colors can be made according to your wishes on request.


If you do have any questions or like to get support, please contact us.


Rita and Horst Kruger


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