March: Kitchen  project

Susanne Kreuzer is the proud owner of a Gottschalk house made in the 1930th. It is her desire to carefully renovate the house by keeping the styl and atmospher.
Based on Susannes specific whiches about color and pattern we made a layout based on the floor template she sent us. By doing so we respected the fact that the side walls and the front area are slenting a bit. In the next step Susanne decided to go for a mix of glossy light green tiles and silk mat vanilla colored tiles. The rim tiles are covered with the vanilla glaze and the baseboard tiles with the glossy green tiles.  This combination goes very well with the wall paper and gives a fesh and cosy mood.

After having received the layout, the single tiles and the recommendation on how to lay the tiles Susannne immediatly started to work on the project. After having glued all tiles down she fixed it in the house and did the grouting. It was a pleasure to work with and for Susanne Kreuzer and we thank her very much for the inspiring photos!




Febuary news:    Now 2 metro tile sizes available

Now you can choose betrween 2 tiles sizes for metro/railway tiles. By now we offered the left size (= half "Delft" tiles). They look elegant and fine if applied on small areas.

As more and more customers looked for tiles to cover a larger area we now offere a second size, which are half inch wide. You can get them in all available glaze colors.

Just tell us what you like to get. Send us an email. We are looking forward to hearing about your wishes.     Rita + Horst Kruger

                                 These are the railway tiles which we offer at the moment. Quite nice and charming. Thank to Kathy for the nice photo of her kitchen backsplash.

                                                                                               These are the new "Victorian" railway tiles, half inch in length.

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