June/July: contemporary bathroom

Margot and Jelmer Scheltes went for a modern bath. They selcted large tiles with white glossy glaze for the floor and the shower wall to the left.
The picture below show how thy worked step by step. We admire the total contemporary look which they achieved by adding fitting bath furnitures and accessories.

 Margot and Jelmer: Thank you very much again for the allowance to share photos of your project with other miniature lovers.

May: prints showing a geometric circle pattern

We complement our programm of prints by adding a geometrical pattern, based on full size ancient tiles. 4 tiles give a circle as you can see. They can be used on floors as inlay tiles, on walls as sole wall pattern or in combinaiton with one color tiles. Below you can see combinations with light green tiles (22050), green tiles (22100) and strong blue tiles (21400). A single band of tiles looks nice as well. We can imagine it to be a row on top of a tiled wall.

April: metro tiles as backsplash

Metro tiles/ Subway tiles are a good choice for kitchen backsplashes. Here you see a wonderful example. We thank Doug very much for allowing us to show the kitchen with the tiled area. As the tiles are very exact Doug decided to glue the tiles without a groove next to each other. As you can see that works well. Some of the tiles in order have been cut by him to adjust the setting to the available space.

There are different sizes of metro tiles available.
The first one is the "Delft" version. These tiles fit to our regualar tiles of 5/12 inch * 5/12 inch (10,6 mm x 10,6 mm). 
The second size is what we call "Vicitorian". They are a bit larger meaning they are 1/2 inch in length (12,7mm).

As our shop at Etsy you can see that different amounts of both sizes can be order according to the space you like to cover. Additional quarter tiles can be orderrd as well.

If you like to get a special different color just let us know your wishes.
A paper on which the pattern is printed on is added to each order as well as a recommendation on how to lay the tiles. This makes it easy to work with the real ceramic tiles.

March: special blue tiles

For some projects we make special colors. We love the look. In Marchwe put some of the specials for sale on our Etsy shop. All tiles are covered with a traditional glaze, which gets cracks in the long run on the surface. This look is desired, the specific term for this look is "Craquellèe". These tiles have a certain variation, which is unique and can not be replicated.

The tiles on the left are grey-blue, the one in the middle are just blue and the ones on the right have a touch of green in them. Only the on Etsy given amount is available.


January/February: Fountain with pool





Miniature Tiles Wall Mural and Waterbasin



All tiles are made of porcelain, covered with a real glaze and hand painted.

The basin as well is hand made.


This arrangement would be nice in a conservatory order in garden arrangement in front of a house. Unique, one off piece.









December 2023: Kitchen- Design Castle

This month we would like to present you a kitchen floor. As you can see there are 2 curves. For the rim and these areaas special tiles have to be made.
On the left photo you see a part of the green tiles. All of them are hand glazed and put on the kilm furniture by hand as well. You can imagine that this is a lot of work.

But it pays back! The result will be a wonderful floor consisting of creme octagonal tiles, green inlays and a green rim around the centre piece.

The client gets the floor plan as shown, all tiles cut to size and a recommendation on how to lay the tiles.

Size of the floor: 346 mm from top to bottom and a width of 355 mm.

November: new prints - Art Deco

For all miniature enthusiasts who like and work in the Art Deco styl we made new prints. The back and white design tiles can be  used alone or in combination with back an white tiles. This gives a crisp look. You can oder a set or several sets (depending on what you need for your project) at our show on Etsy. If you like to get design tiles only or black tiles on top and bottom please drop us a line.

How does it work: You get single tiles as shown. Glue them on the paper that we supply and cut the string out after having waited until the glue is dry. Then apply the tiles at the destinated area.

This is a sample on how the tiles can be used. This is a laoyut for a bathroom in Art Deco styl. Here you can see the floor pattern as well as the walls and the placement of the Art Deco design tiles.

August/September: Entrance Hall

Margot and Jelmer Scheltes selected a classic floor pattern for the entrance hall of their house. The central design is surrounded by a attractive border. The area in front of the staircase got a separate square design. After having got a list from Margot and Jelmer about what amount, kind and size of tiles they like to get we made and packed them carefully.  As you can see Margot and Jelmer got some help with laying and installing the tiles...
 Margot and Jelmer: Thank you very much again for the allowance to share photos of your project with other miniature lovers.

June/Juli:  Terra cotta floor for entrance hall

One day Betina contacted us with the wish to replicate the original floor in miniature which you see at the bottom left. This was a real chellange. The first task was to make a layout that shows an evenly distributed pattern, that goes around around the stair case and has a narrow rim. After having found a good looking layout the color of the green tiles had to be selected. As you can see Betina had several options. She selected the dark green which perfectly matchs with the other terra cotta  tiles. After having agreed on all details we made the regualr tiles and a lot of specials. After having made and firied all tiles Horst glued a few on the layout in order to show Betina the look. Betina glued patiently all other tiles at the destinated place on the layout paper. As you can see all the effort and work pays back, this unique floor is looks wonderful!
We thank Betina for the photos and the allowance to publish her project! We appreciate that very much.

May: floor with leaves and blossoms

Spring is enchanting us with a rich variety of green flowers and blossoms. The time to present you this unique floor, showing blossoms and leaves. This floor is composed of single hexangonal and rectangular tiles surrounded by square tiles. The tiles are glued on paper. All design tiles are painted by hand. We can imagine this eyecatching floor in a conservatory as it goes well with garden pots, flowers and wooden furniture. You will find it for sale on Etsy.

April: new prints - tulips and rose flowers

Spring is coming!  This month we like to present you our new prints: romantic flowers and tradtional tulips. The designs are applicated on the glaze of each single tile. During an additonal firing at 880° C the design sinks into the glaze making the decor duralbe. All tiles are made of real porcelain, are very thin and are covered with the glossy glaze 10050. If you like to get different colored tiles with the design tiles, please let us know your preferences.

In our shop on Etsy you can get a set of 12 or 20 tiles If you like to get other quantities, please let us know.

A basic set consists of 6 different tulip designs. In addition you can get a set of tulip tiles combined with "corner" design tiles.

March: forest green tiles 22200

These tiles are covered with a forest green traditional glaze. It is very glossy and varies in color a bit. The thicker the layer is the darker is the tiles. In the long ran the surfaceof the tiles get very small and fine cracks which we call craquelle. This is a desired feature and shows that the tiles are real ceramic tiles.
The tiles give a fresh look if combined with white or off white tiles. The golden hand painted tiles enhance the elegent look of the bathroom.

All tiles are mde of porcelain and glazed by hand. Finally they are fired separately on a kiln furniture at 1060° C. Here you can see how nice and lively they are.

February: opaque glazes 11025 and 11200

The second basic glaze that we use is a "opaque" glaze. That means that it entirely covers the tile and you can not look through to the glaze to the tiles. This glaze is very even in color as you can see here. This type of glaze is great for floors in diamond tiles setting as you can see below. Triangles for the side areas and rim tiles are available on request, too.

January : glossy transparent blue tiles 21100

One of the glazes we work with is a traditional very glossy one. The depth of the color depends very much on the thickness of the glaze layer. A tiny bit thicker layer results in a more intensive hue, a thinner layer is a bit lighter in color. The general hue is the same as you can see. This glaze is transparent, it looks like a colored glaze on tiles.
Advantage is that the tiles are lively in their expression.  Here you can see color 21 100, the medium blue hue.

These tiles look great with design tiles or on floors in combination with white or creme tiles aranged in a checkerboard pattern.

December: Porcelain Bathtubs

From 1 st Januar 2023 we sell these wonderful bathtubs and a few more via our shop at Etsy.  The bathtubs are made of porcelain and they are entirely hand painted.


November: Minature Tiles as part of jewelry

Miniature Tiles can not only be used to tile dollhouse floors. They can be used as part of jewelry as well. As you can see tile designs and abstract designs are attractive.

In our shop in Etsy you will find these hand painted green tiles with silver design and the red tiles with golden design. This is real silver and gold. The design is fixed to the glaze surface by a third firing at 800 C. That makes it durable. On Etsy you wil find furhter design tiles with flowers and animals which are  very nice with jewelry, too.

October: new glaze

This color is very difficult to describe: a bit of blue and grey and a very tiny touch of green. The glaze is opac (covering the basic porcelain tile) and glossy. They are very nich with design tiles as you can see underneath. The mix gives a tradtional soft look and mood. Nice for kitchens in particular for antique and country styl ones.

                       Design tiles: Flowers                                                           Design Tiles: feathered animals                                                         Design Tiles: Children games

                                                                                                    The tiles will  be soon available in our store at Etsy.

September:  Dollhouse Magazin 1:12

The latest issue of the German Magazin for Miniatures and Dollhouses "1zu12" informs about the work of Tiny Ceramics. Barbara Leuchtenberger, the publisher describes how the miniature tiles are made, what kind of tiles are available and how customers can be supported during the creative process. We thank Barbara very much for her warm and appreciating words and the opportunity to show what impressions and looks can be achieved by using real ceramic miniture tiles. Besides we recommend to read in the Magazin about Margot and Jelmer Scheltes dollhouse and how the applied miniature tiles in the bathroom, kitchen and entrance hall. (see our February "NEWS" as well)

June/July/Aug.: black and white Bathroom

After having tiles the kitchen, Susanne liked to renovate the bathroom, too. She selected a back and white checkerboard for the floor. This kind of floor fits well to the styl of the dollhouse and particualarly to the wallpaper. Besides she liked to tiles the walls in a straigt setting.
We thank Susanne for the fruitful co-operation and for allowing us to share the photos of the work in progress.

The layout was made based on the templates of the floor and all walls. (photo left). On the second photo you see the floor after Susanne had started laying the tiles. As we deliver the tile layout in the right size of the room together with the tiles and a recommendation on how to lay the tiles, tiling was quiet easy. She followed the instruction and glued the tiles in the center of each field. As you can see on the 3rd photo she executed the work very well. Finally she installed the floor and walls in the dollhouse and grouted the grooves between the tiles. The result is a crisp look which are typical for houses build in the 1030 th.

May: new design tiles

In order to produce design tiles every single tiles has be be covered by hand with the design. After having done this piece by piece is placed on kiln shelfs.  It is quite a lot of work to do this. The firing took place at 880 °C. By doing that the design melts into the glaze surface and gets durable.  Finally we glue the mural tiles on adhesive tape and put together the sets of flowers, feathered animals and blue Dutch tiles. The large Mural "Pastorale " in the Middle will be ready for sale within the next weeks. All other desgin tiles can be ordered by mail or via the sale platform Etsy. 

April: opulent bathroom


Rebecca Stewart  of Tiny Dwelling Miniatures has a many years of experience in making bespoke miniature items.  Furthermore, she offers to build complete houses according to the wishes of her customers. For a very special bathroom in a house we made a floor according to her wishes. As design Rebecca selected a diamond setting. The tiles were glazed in 2 different blue hues which go very well with color of the wall. Below you can see the layout, Horst glueing down the tiles accurately and last but not least the finished floor. On the photo above you can see how well Rebecca coordinated all elements of the room. They nicely enhance each other creating a opulent and lively setting.

More of her work can be seen on her Internet page and on Etsy. If you like us to create a custom made floor for your project, please send us a mail with your wishes.

March: orange glazed tiles and design tiles

This month I like to show you how nice orange tiles (no. 243300) are in tradtional houses. The tiles are covered with a special old glaze, which get very fine cracks on the surface in the long time. It is a desired feature and called Craquellee. You find this on old full size tiles,too. I like this lively tiles very much when they are like in this kitchen combined with Dutch Design tiles. You will find both tile typ in our shop.

February: contemporary kitchen

Margot and Jelmer Scheltes own a modern dollhouse. According to the wishes of the "residents" they created the kitchen, ,made the layout for for the wall and the floor and ordered the miniature tiles. We made floor tiles with a modern grey glaze and railway tiles for the wall covered with a white glossy glaze.
The next step was to lay the tiles and to fill the grooves. As you can see both works have been executed professionally. Now the housewarming party can take place!
We thank Margot and Jelmer for the fruitful cooperation and for their allowance to show their photos.

January: elegant music room

This is the second tile project which we made for Jody´s house. Jody liked to get a elegant checkerboard floor in back and white. It should look opulent and elegant.
As the floor shape was somewhat different to a real octagon making a good looking layout by keeping in mind the design wishes was quite a challenge!  Finally we agreed on the shown layout. The tiles with the golden surface (real gold!) gives the classic elegant floor an extravagant touch.
We delivered all tiles vut to the right size  and the layout in the size of the room. Jack, Jody´s husband laid the tiles accuratly and grouted the floor after having fixed the floor in the house.  Now the concernt  can start in the right atmosphere!


A great "Thank you" to Jody and Jack for the co-operation and the allowance to publish the photos.