Welcome in the world of miniature tiles

We make miniature tiles, tile murals, stoves and other ceramic items in 1 inch scale (1/12 scale) out of REAL clay and porcelain. 

Every month we present new and outstanding projects made by our clients or us. We hope you enjoy what you see  !    Rita and Horst Kruger

February: tiled backspash in modern kitchen

Katy made contemporary kitchen with a cool and crisp look. Following this styl she had chosen one color tiles for the backspash in a bluegreen (no 26200). Instead of placing the tiles on top of each other Katy placed them like railway tiles. By doing so emphasized the horizontal lines of the backsplash giving the arrangement a certain tension. We like Katy´s well balanced modern kitchen very much! 

January: traditional bathroom

In old times a lot of bathrooms are tiled only around the buthtub and the shower area. The owner of this miniature bathroom (thank you for your permission to show the pictures!) has chosen a traditonal highly glossy glaze in a warm yellow. The slight variation in tile color gives the tiled area a lively look and supports the cosy athmosphere of this bath.