transparent glaze- traditional glaze

This is a traditional glaze. It is very brillant and gets small cracks in the surface in  the long run. Tiles vary in color within a lot, giving an assamblage a lively look.

size basic tiles: 5/12 x 5/12 inch (10,6 x 106 mm)

1. Overview

2. Details

color 21025

color no. 21100         (last picture combination with 21025)

Color no. 21400          (last picture combination of all 3 blue typs

color no. 22050

color 22100

color 22200

color 29800                         right: combination with white no 10000

color 27300                         right: combination with 30100 creme silk mat

color no. 27400

color 23400                          right: combination whith color 10200

color 24220

color 29220

color 29300

More color tiles will be added...

All shown colors have to be seen as indication. On the screen they look slightly different than in reality. If you like to be sure please contact us for a sample.