Tiled Conseratory





Design Pisa


mixture of double size and square tiles, mat white tiles. Very interesting floor as all tiles are of the same color.


The look is expressive and reserved at the same time.


size: 11 x 13 inch



Design: Rome


The floor was insired by the wall panel "Pastorale" (see below).


The centre is lively with birds and butterfies framed by an border of opulent flower arrangements.


The basic green tiles are coverd by an ancient lead glaze. The glaze is very brillante and shows slight variations of colour like a freshly mowed lawn.





Design Rome


In this case we made the floor and sold it to a lady. She had the conservatory made fitting to the floor.


size: 15 3/4 inches

from the right to the left and bottom to top




Design Rome


The customer likes to get a art nouveau floor, but mainly white. Therfore we painted art nouveau design elements in the centre and at the rim.


The design gives sufficient space without design to arrange her flowers and furniture.








Design Rome


combination of black shiny tiles and white silkmat ones. The floor has a hand painted leaf boarder and centre design.

Classic and elegant.