Tiled  Kitchen

Tiles are used a as an essential desig element in nearly every kitchen. Deborah tiled the space above the working area with traditonal white tiles and a Dutch blue wall mural. Besides she decorated the oven niche with an attractive combination of hand painted and lively blue tiles. It´s really an eyecatcher in Deborah´s country styl kitchen! We love it!

Katy made contemporary kitchen with a cool and crisp look. Following this styl she had chosen one color tiles for the backspash in a bluegreen (no 26200). Instead of placing the tiles on top of each other Katy placed them like railway tiles. By doing so emphasized the horizontal lines of the backsplash giving the arrangement a certain tension. We like Katy´s well balanced modern kitchen very much! 



Sophia Twaddell made this impressing kitchen during a workshop.

For the area above the stove we made real miniature tiles for her according to her wishes.


As you can see Sophias mural complements the fresh and tastful arrangement.


For Diane we made the tiles for this country styl floor out of red and salmon clay. 

Diane glued all tiles accurately on the floor plan. As she decided to make the floor look real, she sandpapered the surface smoothly, put bee wax on and polished it. That sealed the surface and gave it a reserved glace! The final step was grouting, enhancing the lattice structure.

It is a pleasure to see how well the floor supports the the look of the well equipped country style kitchen of former times. 


Sabine´s Dollhouse has a quite large kitchen.  Actually the kitchen consists of 2 rooms. She likes the pattern "Pisa" to run from one room to the other.


We made the layouot and the tiles. Finally the floor looks sunny and goes well with the wall paper and the kitchen furniture. 



Sophia made an impressive kitchen and liked to get tiles for the area between the lower and upper cupboard as well as over the stove. Fruits and a fruitbasket were her favorite designs. According to the given measurements the we made the tile-layout.