2021  Dec: elegant music room

This is the second tile project which we made for Jody´s house. Jody liked to get a elegant checkerboard floor in back and white. It should look opulent and elegant.
As the floor shape was somewhat different to a real octagon making a good looking layout by keeping in mind the design wishes was quite a challenge!  Finally we agreed on the shown layout. The tiles with the golden surface (real gold!) gives the classic elegant floor an extravagant touch.
We delivered all tiles vut to the right size  and the layout in the size of the room. Jack, Jody´s husband laid the tiles accuratly and grouted the floor after having fixed the floor in the house.  Now the concernt  can start in the right atmosphere!


A great "Thank you" to Jody and Jack for the co-operation and the allowance to publish the photos.

November: Dutch tile designs

22 different Dutch desgin tiles are part of our programme now. There a flowers and animals as well as fishes and ships. A nice selcetion of Dutch Delft designs.
The tiles are made of porcelain and covered with a off white glossy glaze (no. 10050). The design is fixed to the glaze by a 3rd firing circle at 880°C. The printed designs are very detailed and fit well in tradtional houses. They can be combined with plain tiles in off white blue or green. You can get them in our etsy shop (see link above)

October: Bathroom

Jody and Jack Housenger are working at the interiour decoration of their house step by step. We have already made special tiles for the kitchen and the music room.
For the bathroom Jody liked the design "Castle". It consists of octagonal tiles and small square inlay tiles. We have got samles of the wallpaper and the wall panelling in order to select tile colors which go well with these decor elements. Jody decided to get a vanilla silk glaze for the octagonals and small inlay tiles in the blue of the wall paper flowers.

After having got the tiles Jack glued all the tiles on the floor plan, fixed the floor in the house and grouted it. It looks so real! Accents in blue such like vases, towels and the lovely picture are rounding up the fresh and lively mood of this bathroom. For the fotos Jody rearranged the bathroom equipment in order to show more of the floor. Thank you Jody for the fotos and your allowance to show them to other miniature lovers!



Left: layout plan, middle: color combination, right: tiles ready to be send before packaging, Recommendation on how to lay the tiles was encluded as well.

August. Fountain

A lady contacted us as she liked to get a back for a fountain. To the left you see the original fountain. We worked out two layouts. The right is closest to the origial and the shape goes well with the miniature flountain made by Sue Cook.

As we use old traditional glazes we could reconstruct the colors. They are very close to the original as you can see. On the photo left some sample tiles are placed loosely on the layout in order to give and impression of how the fountain back will look like.

Finally the lady got all the tiles for her project cut to size, the layout and a recommendation on how to lay the tiles. Now we are looking forward to seeing the mounted fountain after she will have glued down all tiles. We are sure, it will look wonderful.

June/Juli - New Design Tiles

Here are our new design tiles in 1to 12 scale! High quality prrints depict traditional Dutch designs which have been applied within centuries as full size tiles.

They are applied on off white glossy porcelain tiles (no. 10050) and are 5/12 inch x 5/12 inch in size (10,6 x 10,6 mm) .They come with a paper on which the basic grit is printed on and a recommendation on how to lay the tiles. That makes it easy lay them down.

Here are some possibilities to incorporate them into a set of plain colored tiles. Take the chance and make your own composition. Go and get them on etsy.com or send us a mail with your whishes.  If you like to get different design tiles or another mix of Dutch tiles,  please contact us. We will prove what we can do for you.   Rita

May: Isabels tiled Backery

Isabel contacted us as she liked to have her backery tiled with a tradtional design. She already decided to go for Castle, the right desgin to achieve this look. The combination of  creme octagonal tiles and green inlay tiles gives a fresh and natural impression. The walls are tiled in a dymanic diamond setting framed with  tiles in forest green tiles.

Now the backeryis nearly finished. The doors will be opend soon for hungry customers and all the ones who are fond of sweets!

Here you can see the layout for the floor, the color choise and the work in progess.

We thank Isabel very much for the opportunituy to support her project, the photos, the pleasant converstaion and co-opeation.

April: 2 new red glazes

We made 2 new red glazes. The left one a strong, vivid tomato red. It is very nice in in modern kitchen as back spash or in Christmas arrangements.

The second one is a bit darker and lookes like bordeaux red vine. This goes very well with all typs of traditonal houses.

Here you can see combinations of the 2 red qualities with different colors such as creme (no. 10050 3 rd from the left), black, rose (17200 second from thre right) and gold. Every mixture has a different expression from crisp to powerful or optulent. We will be happy to support you selecting the appropriate one for your project.

March: Kitchen  project

Susanne Kreuzer is the proud owner of a Gottschalk house made in the 1930s. It is her desire to carefully renovate the house by keeping the style and atmosphere.
Based on Susannes specific whishes about color and pattern we made a layout based on the floor template she sent us. By doing so we respected the fact that the side walls and the front area are slenting a bit. In the next step Susanne decided to go for a mix of glossy light green tiles and silk mat vanilla colored tiles. The rim tiles are covered with the vanilla glaze and the baseboard tiles with the glossy green one.  This combination goes very well with the wall paper and gives a fresh and cosy mood.

After having received the layout, the single tiles and the recommendation on how to lay the tiles Susannne immediately started to work on the project. After having glued all tiles down she fixed it in the house and did the grouting. It was a pleasure to work with and for Susanne and we thank her very much for the inspiring photos!




Febuary news:    Now 2 metro tile sizes available

Now you can choose betrween 2 tiles sizes for metro/railway tiles. By now we offered the left size (= half "Delft" tiles). They look elegant and fine if applied on small areas.

As more and more customers looked for tiles to cover a larger area we now offere a second size, which are half inch wide. You can get them in all available glaze colors.

Just tell us what you like to get. Send us an email. We are looking forward to hearing about your wishes.     Rita + Horst Kruger

                                 These are the railway tiles which we offer at the moment. Quite nice and charming. Thank to Kathy for the nice photo of her kitchen backsplash.

                                                                                               These are the new "Victorian" railway tiles, half inch in length.

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