Miniature Bathrooms

In old times a lot of bathrooms are tiled only around the buthtub and the shower area. The owner of this miniature bathroom (thank you for your permission to show the pictures!) has chosen a traditonal highly glossy glaze in a warm yellow. The slight variation in tile color gives the tiled area a lively look and supports the cosy athmosphere of this bath.



Theresa remodeled a bathroom with tiles in rose color.




I have used color # 17050 (light Rose) as my 1:12 dollhouse bathroom backsplash behind the bathtub. It goes beautifully with the style and color of my pinkish walls and black and white tile floor. I have individually placed all the tiles into place using the graph paper that Kruger tiles provides

After having the dollshouse for many years Deborah has had time and leisure to outfit it according her imagination. This is the shower area. Deborah made the layout  on her own, she selected her favourite tiles colours and send us a detailed order. We admire her certainty in combining colours and sizes and love the creative design!

Sabine decided to have a opulent floor in her Dollhouse bathroom. The floor consists of octagonal slighty blue glossy tiles in combination with silver covered inlay tiles. The room is surounded by hand painted lace tiles and silver tiles. Here you can see the layout, a detail and the work in progress.

Francoise´s bathroom with a special shape - Design Chicago

This bathroom floor was real chalenge to make it because of the curvy segment at the front part and all the cutouts.  The green tiles have a glossy surface and the creme ones are silkmat. By looking at it you can see that the floor consists of real tiles!

A bathroom in a feninie style!

That was the desire when Barbara contacted us. Therefor she selected rose and bordeau tiles and she liked to get a a rim of roses to enbroider the walls.

Art Deco Bathroom:

Here you can see clearly how tiles give the bathroom a certain character. On the left picture you can see the plain bath. Sofia likes to get a Art Deco bathroom. The favourate colors at that time were black and white, which were combined with straigt designs. She selected the shown design. What she got is all layouts in the right size, the tiles and a recommendation on how to lay the tiles. As you can see we glued some tiles in place in order to make it easy to finish the project.



green and white tiles 


Very interesting floor pattern:

diagonal setting at the outside in combination with straight setting in the centre. Please notice as well the white rims around the centre piece and at the outside.


Besides the walls are tiled as well. Look at the border on top. It consists mostly on basic tile sizes and goes very well with the floor pattern. 


basic size: 8 1/4 x 9 13/16 inch




green, white, golden and lace border


Shelva likes a floor which goes well with ghe design of the furniture and the golden shower cabine and with a centre design.

She goes for the shown design, consisting of green glossy  tiles, white silk mat white tiles and white tiles with a hand painted golden border.


Size:  13 5/12 x 12 5/6 inch




Traditional Bathroom


 floor: diagonal setting

walls: diagonal setting with straigt border on bottom and top,

exclusively glossy transparent glaze, variation in colour was desired


Size:  6 1/32 x 11 13/16 inch







Layout of the right wall: 

showing the order and distribution of the tiles

to make it look well arranged at the edges and the door area.


Bathroom with feston border on top



white glossy tiles, straigh stettin on floor and wall

handpainted festoon matching to the one on the bathtub


Size: 7 1/2 inch x 9 inch








Bathromm with different tile sizes


mixture of double sizes silk matt tiles in vanilla colour with narrow and quarter glossy tiles in light green


size: 11 x 11 inches