DIY Layout

In most cases you can transform your ideas into a nice layout by yourself.
Here some recommendations on how to do it.

What area do you like to tile?



First: Define the area you like to tile.

In that case the area is
3 5/8 inch x 5 13/16 inch (92 mm x 147 mm)

Draw this size on a sheet of paper.







Cut out the entre area, the area you like to tile.

Paper A



Print out the basic pattern. Measure the length and width of the patter. You can use the pattern, if the length is 9 1/2 inches and the width is 6 1/2 inches.

If there is a difference please adjust the printer accordingly.

Now please put Paper A on the patternpaper.

Pusch around Paper A unless you like the pattern you see.


Version 1:

In this case we adjust Paper A at the top of a full size tile and we made sure that we got narrow tiles of the same width to the right and  left.

Play around a litte bit and see how the pattern changes.



While doing that we recommend to have place the Pattern A in a way that leaves more than a half tile in the area you like to tile.  In the shown case this is possible for the right and left but not for the bottom as we decisded to have a full tile on top.



Version 2:

Now go on and push pattern around until you have the same width of the rim to the right and left and to the top and bottom. In this case you get another pattern as you can see as well on the following photo.



Now go on and cut out the pattern you like most.

How does the layout look with colors?

These are samples of how you can use colors with Version 1.

The left pattern shows a checkerboard with a blue rim at the sides and at the bottom.
The right version is more bold with a centre of blue tiles and a blue rim all around.

Color your pattern with a stencil and see how the styl changes with the color distribution.

These are samples of how you can use colors with Version 2.

The left solutions shows an all over checherbord.

The right version has additonal 2 rim, a centre one in blue and one round in white.


What tile colours would you like?

We assume you like to make a floor in blue and white.

Therefore you can chose out of different blue an creme hues out of our glaze palette.

How much will the tiled area be?

will be added later this week.