Ceramics Tiles made to measure

Kitchen wall mural

Area to be tiled

The client likes to have tiles in the area between the upper and lower cupboard. He determined the area and supplied the dimensions and photos of the present room condition.

Tile layout and design

Based on this information we made the tile layout. As the tiles are handmade every size can be realized. We determined a size which allows putting 4 full tiles  of 10,4 x 10,4 cm (approx. 4x4inches) in the height. Horizontally the tiles are distributed to get a nice and even look.


As design a opulent flower garden was desired. We carried the painting as pencil drawing and part of the design as water color painting to show colors. The customer likes the design very much.


Every tile was made by hand in our studio. After having neatened the tiles they were arranged for glazing. The right photo shows the handmade character of the surface and the straightness of the setting.

After having carried out several glaze tests a very light green was selected as background for the garden and a light blue for the sky. The painting was made on the raw glaze. The so called majolica technique needs as good skill as every brushstroke stays as it was carried out.

During firing at 1070°C the glaze melted, the painting sank into the glaze and developed the final color and durability. (see photos series 6, wall 1 and 2, sky and details of the sky). A signature on the tiles confirm the uniqueness of the wall mural.


Every tile got a description on the backside to make the assemblage easy. A layout with the description was supplies as well as an instruction for the tile layer on how to arrange the edges and corners.