Garden Murals

The result: Flamingo and Peacock

Frost resist garden mural made out of stoneware tiles.

Dimensions: hight approx. 6'10'' , witdth approx. 5'3'' wide

Tiles 6'x6', side and arch tiles are cut to size after delivery.

Design and production process

1. Situation and Design

A garden wall was covered with a stone brick. A part of the wall  shows 2 arches.  For these arches the client likes to get tile murals. The design was made according to the customer wishes.


According to the clients wishes and the area we made pencil sketches to visualize the final wall.

2. Production

After having agreed on the design we made the tiles.

At the same time we made color tests for the firing temperature of 1260°C (2300°F).

After having prepared everything we glazed, painted and fired the tiles.


Flamingo Tile Mural

Peacock Tile Mural

3. Shippment

Every tile has a number on it´s back. We packed the tiles according to their place in tile arrangement and informed the client about what he will get and where to place the tiles.

The client´s tile layer finally cut the outer tiles of the mural according to the available space before fixing them.

Thank you!

We like to thank our customer very much. For his trust in our skills, his patience and last but not least for giving us the opportunity to make this outstanding tile mural for him.