We make a good looking layout for you

Quit often you find odd floor or wall shapes. In that case customer often like to relay on our experience concerning the layout. What we charge a fee of 20 US Dollar to 50 US Dollar per wall/ floor, depend on the complexitiy of the task.
We would be glad to send you a quotation for your project.

In order to make you a quotation it would help much to get the following information first.

  • What room/ area do you like to tile?
  • What styl do you prefer?
  • What tile colors do you have in mind?
  • What are the dimensions and/or could you supply a template?

In the following we show you you such co-operation worked from the first contact to the final product.

What room/area do you like to tile?


I like to tile my bathroom, the floor and the walls.


For the walls I like to have tiles from the bottom up to the hight over the toilette.





What style do you prefer?


I like to have an Art Deco bathroom (around 1930) but I don´t know the fashion in detail at that time. Do you have any recommendation?

Art Deco style is a clear straight style. Very often you find a checkerboard floors, straight or diagonal setting. On the walls the tiles are mostly white in a straight setting combined with different kind of borders on top or below the top line.


Favourite coulors in Art Deco were black and white. Sometimes yellow was incorporated as well.

What tile colours would you like?


Tell us you wishes or send us a wall paper you like to go well with it.

We offer a wide range of colours. Only a few a shown here.  If we do not have the colour available we will try to make it.



We offer glossy tiles, silk mat and mat tiles. Very often a combination is chosen to make the miniature tile project look real.


For my Art-Deco Project I like the a strong black and white.

For the floor a checkerboard would be nice, straigt setting.

For the walls I prefere a plain white with a basebord and a border on top or may be just below the top row. The border pattern on the 3rd photo would be fine.


What are the dimensions?

Rectangular Shape
Rectangular Shape





My bathroom has a rectangular shape. It is exactly 7 inches wide and 11 inches deep. The walls do not have any door.


Odd shape of a bathroom
Odd shape of a bathroom



Some people do have rooms with an odd or not rectangular shape. In that case it is necessary to make a template of the area to be tiled.

How does the layout look?

We do the layout according to the information you have sent us.

It needs some experience to get a good looking layout. Groves have to be considered as well as a border in the case the pattern does not propperly fit to the dimensions of your room.

The left picture shows the grid the customer will get. It has the dimensions of the miniature room. The right picture shows the colour distribution and the surrounding border in black.

The left wall shows the grid and the right the colour distribution and the chosen border of half and hand painted tiles. To the right and left there are small spaces. This are the areas, the walls meet at the corner.







Sometimes a 3 dimensional look can be made. It gives an impression of how the room will look like.

How much will the tiled area be?

The price depends on:


1. the dimension of the area you like to tile

2. the shape of the floor, the wall or the area

3. the amount and design of special tiles such like hand painted border tiles and golden or silver inlays


After the details of the project are cleared a quotation will be made.

On request a rough estimation can be given as well after we will have gotten basic information about the project.


We start working after you will have agreed to the layout, colour details and pricing. Payment can be done by cheque.


What do you get?

  Your get:


We normally glue some tiles in the corners to encourage you to go gon.

You only have to glue the tiles in the centre of each fied to get straight grooves. You can do all the work outside the house. After having finished it, slip it in the room and fix it.


To see the tile project our customers did together with us please have  a look at the section "Tile Projects".


How does the tiled room look like?

This is the result after having fixed the floor sheet and the walls. Grouting was done with white grout. It gives the room a fine finish.

The furniture, mirror and lights accomplish the Art-Deco Styl.

Now we are waiting for the inhabitants to place their personal items.


We are grateful to Sophia Twaddel. It was a pleasure for us to to transfer her ideas in Miniature-Reality. Last but not least she allow us to publish the process of getting a tiled room. Thank you very much Sophia!

Tiled Miniature Bathroom - Art Deco
Tiled Miniature Bathroom - Art Deco