More Tiled  Rooms

Summer dining room of a castle

For Gabriela we made all tiles in 3 different creme shades and the wall murals according to her wishes. She cut all tiles by  herself and glued them in place.

Please have a look at the ceiling. It is tiled as well.




Design Checkerboard



shiny dark black glazed tiles in

combination with silk mat white glazed tiles


Size:  17 3/4 x 12 1/45 inch


Below: different design versions for this area





Design Pisa -diagonal setting-


The client gave us the dimension of the room and a sample of a wall paper to match the color.


The floor consists of light green opac tiles and orange tiles with a transparent glaze tiles.

size: 15 7/16´x 10 5/8


Castle Dining Room

For this elegant room we made the tile murals at the left wall. Besides we made the blue and white tiles in the foutain niche according to Sabine´s wishes.




Design Sevilla

Diamond setting of long tiles in off white colour.

Hand painted tiles are placed in the centre depicting original spanish designs from Sevilla, Spain.


size:15 1/16 x 13 11/16 inch




Ladies powder room


Design  Sevilla:

Diamond setting of long rose colored tiles with hand painted red roses and rim.




size:11 1/8´x 9 3/8´




 Fashion shop


Design Castle - diamond setting-


The client likes to get a floor in creme and blue color with a blue rim around the floor.



the room got a baseboard at the walls.





Living Room


Design Castle -diamond stetting-


Octagonal Tiles: vanilla silk mat glaze

Inlays and Border Tiles:

black opac shiny glaze

Border and Centre Design:
handpainted in real gold

Size: 15 13/16 x 14 1/2 inch